5 Days Before the New Year - How Are You Celebrating??

5 Days Before the New Year - How Are You Celebrating??


Did you get your family presents each of them wanted this year?

...Or did you give them an avocado

but because they love you, they just smile awkwardly back at you LOL




There are so many people I appreciate for helping me get to my goals for 2019 💝

There are so many weights on my shoulders I want to just drop without hesitation. 

There are so many things I want to accomplish before going into the new year ❗❗ 

So here is how I’m going to spend the next 5 days before 2020:


2019 has been bombarded me with so much love. I know this because whenever I’m feeling lost and forgetting a sense of who I am, I have friends and family to remind me that everything is ok.

And work has been stressful of course, but every mistake was a lesson and every accomplishment was based off of hard work. I’m appreciative of where I am right now, and it’s only going to be up from here. 

The world has a funny way of introducing and reintroducing people into your life. 

One second you’re just strangers, then you start texting and calling more often, and before you know it….your friend becomes more than just a friend and meets your family.

Before you know it BAM! 

You’re talking about marriage.

LOL unfortunately true story...

Whatever your goals are to end this year

....end it with a BANG 🎆🎇

Truly count your blessings, gather around your loved ones, and spread some happiness. 

You may think that something so small as a cookie is insignificant

...but it’s the special moment of smiling and sipping on a cookie shot that you share with your kid(s), mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, friend, or someone you care about.

That is memorable.



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