Simple Ways to Show Teachers Appreciation This Back to School Season

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The school bell has rung and the kids are off to school. Back to school can be a stressful time for kids and parents alike, but the ones who take on the most stress are our teachers! Teachers take on an around the clock job. Not only are they in the classroom everyday molding young minds into their true potential, but they are providing supplies, planning activities and grading papers. Show them your appreciation with these thoughtful, simple gifts that remind them what an awesome job they have.

It's no secret that a classroom full of kids can get a little germ-y. Help keep germs at bay and your teacher in good health with some gifted hand soap. You can choose any brand but something with antibacterial ingredients is a sure winner. Add your own special touch with a customized tag or download the one you see here


Corralling children in the playground or keeping them quiet in the classroom is no easy feat. They deserve a sweet treat! Indulge your teacher in some sweetness with some of our cookie shots or cookie butter! We even have gift packages that will give them a taste of our variety of products. These thoughtful packages are sure to leave a smile on their face, even after a long day filled with screaming children. 


Help keep teachers afloat with a teacher survival kit. Fill a pencil box or a cosmetics bag with whatever you think your teacher might find handy throughout the school year. You can throw in mints/gum, a stain removing pen, wet wipes, Advil, band-aids, lip balm and whatever else you might think a teacher would need. This simple idea is a very thoughtful way to show appreciation through providing your teacher with all the necessities it takes to keep it moving throughout the school day. 

Brighten up their classroom with some flowers in this crafty, easy to make pencil vase! All you'll need is a tall, cylindrical vase, some yellow pencils and a hot glue gun. Simply line the vase with pencils by attaching them with hot glue. You can finish it off with a ribbon for an added touch. Fill the vase with flowers, artificial or real - your choice! We love this idea because everyone loves receiving flowers but the pencil vase takes it that much farther. This creative gift would brighten up any teacher's day

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