Celebrating Women Owned Businesses on International Women's Day

Post By: Nadia Ali

Celebrating Women Owned Businesses!

Monday, March 8th, is International Women's Day, and as a women owned small business, we wanted to take the time to shout out some of our friend's companies who are also women owned businesses! 

For us, International Women's Day is a very special day. Not only does it stand for the achievements within history over the years, but it also stands for all the hard work every Women has spilled into their careers, families, friends, and much more! Us women offer and do so much for this lovely world. Not only are we daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, wives, and caring friends. We are also hard working individuals and entrepreneurs. We are paving history, showcasing, and sharing inspiration for all future ladies, showing them how anything and everything is possible when you put your mind to it. 

With that being said, here are our shout outs to small businesses that have inspired us and are also owned by women!

1. Balloonzilla

Balloonzilla is a Southern California Balloon Design + Even Producer! Are you ever looking for over the top, exciting, and unique balloon displays for your wedding, anniversary, birthdays, or special occasion? Then Balloonzilla is your go to gal! 

2. My Tea Drops

Our favorite part about My Tea Drops is how each time you purchase a Tea Drop, tea, you are also supporting an organic production, fair trade wage, and clean water aid. Over the years, My Tea Drops has donated and raised a strong awareness upon bringing fresh clean water available to 13 different countries! 

3. Toasted Mallow

Toasted Mallow is based out of Arizona by Tricia Are. Toasted Mallow makes the most delicious marshmallow's you'll have ever tasted before! Not to mention, their company is always having a blast at work making all sorts of fun TikTok videos on the side! Talk about a strong moral and safe work community.

4. Dr. Brite Naturals 

Dr. Brite sells hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, multi-purpose spray, Castile soap, face masks, and teeth whitening kits. All premium medical-grade products designed by doctors! You can trust and rest assure that at Dr. Brite you'll be receiving his quality and effective products for your everyday sanitary. 

5. Freedom Deodorant

Freedom Deodorant is made with 100% natural ingredients. Not only are they cruelty free tested products, but they are also aluminum and paraben free! It's what we put in and ON our body that matters. 

So who are your Women who you'd like to celebrate and give a shout out too? 

We hope you found some new amazing small businesses to support. And from women to women, thank you! You're doing an amazing job! Happy International Women's Day.

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