Cinco de Mayo - 5 ideas for a fun fiesta!

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Cinco de Mayo - 5 Ideas for a Fun Fiesta!

In case you didn't know, Cinco de Mayo literally means "May 5th" and it's coming up quickly! This holiday, originally commemorating a short-lived Mexican victory in the Battle of Puebla, is popular among Mexican-Americans and all those looking to get their party on. 

Keep from going loco while planning your fiesta. In honor of May 5, here's 5 ideas for a fun Cinco de Mayo party!


#1 Get a party playlist... And a piñata!

First thing's first: set the tone of your fiesta by featuring the perfect playlist for this occasion. Check out this Cinco de Mayo playlist, or create your own by selecting songs to which you'd love to bailar (dance) in fiesta fashion!

Once you have a great playlist, think about decorations and party games. An easy, on-theme idea is to get a piñata! This is great for all ages and adds even more fun when you fill your piñata with traditional Mexican candy!


    #2 Horchata cookie shots, anyone?

    Our customized Cinco de Mayo cookie shot assortment is the perfect treat to share with your fav amigos! If you haven't yet tried our Churro cookie shots, you're sure to LOVE THEM! Pair one with a shot of horchata and you're going to love them even more!! Check out this  authentic recipe for homemade horchata.

    Or, you can experiment with your favorite cocktails in the shots. Margaritas are a no-brainer for a Cinco de Mayo party, but Mix that Drink has also compiled a list of 21 Cinco de Mayo Drinks That Aren’t Margaritas. We think the Strawberry Sombrero (a pink creamy cocktail that blends the flavors of coffee, milk, and strawberry) would taste great as well in the Churro cookie shot!


    #3 MAS COLOR!

    Sombreros, vibrant Mexican blankets, a giant cactus centerpiece... Let's taco 'bout all the party favors and fun decorations you can bring into your fiesta to make it memorable! The more color, the better. Find ways to be creative and utilize all sorts of patterns in your decor. Bright, even neon shades are perfect for this occasion!


      #4 Don't forget the guac!

      We're avocado-advocates here at The Dirty Cookie. So perhaps the most important element of your party is the homemade guac! Cookie and Kate gives us this recipe to the best guacamole- and it only requires six easy ingredients!! "Hass, queen!"



      #5 Capture the Moment(s)

      While you're busy swinging away at a paper mâché donkey, give your friends something else to take photos of: themselves! Make it easy for everyone to remember your fiesta by having a themed photo booth. This doesn't need to be complicated- all you need is a backdrop, some fun props, and a camera (or a phone!) You can find all the items you'll need here

      We hope you have a blast planning just as much as you do sharing the day with your queridos. And remember: Fiesta like there's no mañana!

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