Dirty Cookie Make at Home Beverage Blends

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Dirty Cookie Make at Home Beverage Blends

Our delicious, soft and chewy, cookie shots are a fan favorite with some milk, but what if we are feeling festive or flavorful? Or perhaps we would love to see some boys in our backyard? Shop our Make at Home Beverage Blends on our website! 

Our Dirty Cookie Make at Home Beverage Blends, are the perfect mixes for creating milkshakes, flavored beverages, and delicious desserts to fill your cookie shots! Currently we are selling Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Cafe Latte, and Rich Chocolate as our four shake flavors. 

Upon your purchase with Dirty Cookie, you may be wondering how do I make a milkshake with these blends? It's really simple! All you need to make a delicious milkshake is some milk, your choice in Dirty Cookie Make at Home Beverage Blend flavor, and a blender. Of course you can also add some ice if you would like your milkshake extra thick. For more recipe ideas, stay tune and have an eye out on our TikTok, Instagram, and Blog site! 

What inspired us to create these easy to use and make milkshake blends, were you! Our Dirty Cookie family! For that, we cannot thank you all enough. We heard your questions, concerns, feedback, and needs! And as always, we are more than happy to deliver! Now for the ultimate party favor and gift, why not also include some Make at Home Beverage Blends with your Dirty Cookie Shot purchase? Talk about getting the real deal! It's the perfect addition to add onto an already extra special and unique gift idea. Trust us when we say, it will leave your families and friends talking nonstop about an unforgettable cookie shot experience! 

So, what's your favorite Make at Home Beverage Blend flavor? 

Dirty Cookie

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