Fun Ideas for a non-traditional Easter egg hunt

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Fun Ideas for a Non-Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

Looking to switch things up this Easter and perhaps keep your kids on their toes during your annual Easter egg hunt?
We know that celebrations are only amplified by creativity, so we want to offer you some ideas for a non-traditional Easter egg-stravaganza!
Pastel colors and that distinct, plastic “pop!” sound: these are the signs of an Easter egg! This year, why not go with an eco-friendly option? You can easily sub the typical plastic eggs for compostable, non-toxic ones made from plants! If you want to change the look a bit, you can buy hollow wooden eggs or even make your own out of fabric!
Eggs don’t have to be the only thing for your scavenger hunt, though!
If you’ve been thinking about (or being begged about) adding a furry/feathery friend to your fam, maybe now is the time! A fun way to build the suspense to surprising your youngsters is to hide clues that lead them to the discovery of their new pal — we think a pet bunny or bird would be perfect!
Even if you’re keen on hiding eggs, there are many unconventional things you could hide within them! Imagine your surprise to open your egg and find a cookie shot inside, ready to be gobbled up! (Wrong holiday?) “Chick out” our “egg-cellent” occasion cookie shots and you will find an assortment of our most popular Cookie Shots decorated with Easter characters: Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Red Velvet & Churro!
Looking to hide something other than consumables? A lovely — and lasting — idea is seeds! You can either fold a seed packet inside of the egg, or place a few loose seeds inside. The fun will only continue as the seeds are planted and the plants begin to grow this summer. Who knows, it could even spark a new love for gardening!
For all ages and groups, a glow in the dark egg hunt is simple, unique, and fun. All you have to do is place glow sticks in the eggs and voilà! Lil Luna shows you exactly how to put them together.  
This is an especially great alternative if your get-together was scheduled for later in the day. You can wait until it’s dark outside or do this one indoors, but your loved ones will be sure to have a blast making themselves glow just as much as the eggs! You could even hold a post-egg hunt contest for best glow in the dark outfit!
Traditionally, the egg was an ancient symbol of new life, and, because of that, represented the celebration of spring. However you celebrate the holiday, we hope that these not-so-traditional ideas can liven and add excitement to your Easter season!

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