Galentines/ Self-Partnered Day Ideas

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This is not a drill ❗❗

Valentine’s Day is approaching…

I’m not a Debby Downer, but I’m definitely a Simple, Single Sally

...but this year I’m not going to get annoyed by the cheesy marriage proposal videos

Or the cliche pics with couples holding hands.

No - This is not the time for self pity and eating my feelings away with a pint of ice cream!

Boys & Girls …

As much as Valentine’s Day is to celebrate couples’ love for each other

It’s also a day to celebrate love for yourself!

Emma Watson uses this term called “Self Partnered” because it changes the connotation and the voice of who being “single” is. 

In a time where there’s so many dating apps and advertisements in general pressuring people to be in a relationship - The Dirty Cookie believes that it’s important to practice being in a good relationship with yourself first before anyone else. 

Like our Custom Valentine’s Day Cookie Shots, you are unique and unconventional

...You should celebrate VDay the same way - outside the box!

Here are 3 ways you and your friends can treat yo selves this February 14th and how our Valentine’s Day Cookie Shots can make it more special <3

1. Have a Picnic at the Park

Bring your Polaroids, picnic blankets, and pick a park. Super simple and fun.

When was the last time you even had a picnic anyways?

Some picnic essentials I would consider:

  • Blankets to sit and eat on
  • A hammock to sleep in
  • One of those heart- shaped pizzas
  • Plates & napkins (y’all aren’t barbaric) 
  • And our VDay Cookie Shots with your choice of filling inside (milk, vanilla/chocolate cream or almond milk)

2. Wine & Dine Night In-Home

No dining at home doesn’t mean you’re going to be chillen on the couch with your onesie. Time to turn up some tunes, grab some friends, and get your grub on!’re basically having a party :)

Here are some party tips for you and your guests:

  • Make sure you have enough food and drinks for your party-goers
  • Don’t be stressing - again, this is your day too
  • Let someone else handle the entertainment! We got you with our fun catering team and we have a beautiful setup for any party environment :)

3. Bonfire at the Beach and Paint the Sunset

Doesn’t the smell of marshmallow roasting and the salty ocean put a smile on your face? The beach is always a fun place to hangout with your best friends because you’re not spending a lot of money for entertainment - that’s where painting the sunset comes in!

Find the perfect painting supplies here:

  • Michaels is having a 40% off sale for Valentines Day stuff. What better way to express your emotions than through painting? Instead of the expensive palette painting places, where you pay for overpriced wine, why not get out VDay cookie shots with some Bailey’s/ coffee liquour if you’re trying to loosen up - totally sippable and edible!

Obviously all 3 ideas include a photoshoot because you should be lookin and feelin good that day… it’s your day!!

Spread the positivity and share with us how you celebrate Galentines/ Self-Partnered Day with our VDay Cookie Shots <3

Don’t forget to tag our Instagram @thedirtycookieoc !

Much love and Pinkies Up 😍😻



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