How to Celebrate Your Bday during Quarantine

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How to Celebrate Your Bday during Quarantine 

Hate to be the one to break the news to you - buttttt it’s looking like Tauruses and Aries aren’t the only ones going to be stuck in quarantine for their birthdays 😅😅


As long as you’re celebrating with your friends and family who love you, that’s all that matters. The extravaganzas and big outings can wait. 

But what can we do to make your special day even more special ❓❓

How about taking some shots?! Cookie Shots❗❗

Who says you can’t be dancing and having fun at home….

It’s time to get that Facetime, TikTok, and Zoom party going!!

And of course there has to be that one person who provides the snacks, desserts, and the novelty!

That person is…. You!!! (The Host(ess) with the Most(ess))

Just saying, our Cookie Shots are that snack, dessert, and novelty all combined in one! You don’t even need to leave your house to order these birthday party surprises 🚀🚕

We are partnering with other SoCal small businesses to deliver birthday gift sets directly. It’s like those Valentine’s Grams you would get in high school ...but better 😜😜 

We have partnered with our neighbor Balloonzilla to create a Quarantine Gift set for friends and family who are celebrating their birthdays, graduation, or just need some cheering up :)

We are only shipping in Orange County, since we’re just #spreadinghappiness and not COVID.

Balloons and Cookie Shots just have a way of making any event, big or small, just more fun.

Look at all the bright and eye-popping colors and they aren’t just normal balloons tied onto a piece of string. 


It’s like arranging flowers in a bouquet - there is beauty behind the madness. We love working with Balloonzilla because they stay positive even in situations like this and manage to make everything turn into a party!

Now onto a more responsible note….

Our friends at Dr. Brite came up with handsanitizer value packs that blend natural essential oils and moisturizing aloe vera. 

This is a throwback, but we’ve done a partnership with Dr. Brite before because they are a strong women - owned business. 

Especially now with all the store shelves empty and looking like a scene from an apocalypse movie, Dr. Brite is putting in a conscious effort of keeping up with the high demand for hand sanitizer.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have pearly whites after awarding yourself with some Cookie Shots.

Gift some not-so-ordinary toothpaste, hand sanitizer, whitening pen, and hand soap to an extraordinary person 💘

We take each day of this quarantine counting our blessings and trying to make the most out of this situation. 

Teaming up with neighboring small businesses is just one of the things we’re doing to not only keep us afloat, but to help the community as well 💜

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Happy Birthday <3

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