Lunar New Years: Celebrate Culture & Cookies 🎆🎇

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Lunar New Years: Celebrate Culture & Cookies 🎆🎇

The Best Things in Life Come in 4’s!! Grab a 4-Pack to Share with Family this Lunar New Year.


Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year festivities!


Growing up in Orange County, I’ve realized that there is a different vibe and culture in each city!

You can’t deny that our boba and asian food game is strong ✌✌


Being born and raised in OC, I couldn’t help but look up the stereotypes about us 

Orange County-ers and this article is the most accurate I actually found. 


Like Carly Hill mentioned, “When you think O.C., you think blonde. But Orange County is more diverse than many assume. The county itself is home to the nation's largest Vietnamese population and if you hang around the north part of the county, you’ll see a lot more diversity.”


Why not add more than just money in your Red Envelopes?

Make it more personal with customized cookie shots <3

Specifically at our special Night Market events, we like to introduce new flavors; such as Matcha or Ube with shaved coconut rim!


Thank you to all the Night Markets and KCON events we attended!

We've had amazing experiences seeing how love for music and food brings people together. The random friendships made, the spontaneous dances, and the impromptu flash mobs are truly unique to these events.

Hope you all had a great start to the Lunar New Year, and if you're looking to celebrate the festivities even more...we'd be glad to help :)



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