SuperBowl Spirit: Represent your Team with a Kicka** Party & Custom Cookie Shots!

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What Team are you Representing this Year??

Put their Logo on our Custom Cookie Shots!

Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers..

What team are you placing your bets on??

I’m pretending that I know stuff about Football…

But in reality, I just love some real good competition!

I love rounding up my obnoxious and rowdy friends from opposing teams together…

Just as entertainment for myself LOL

Sure I’ll provide the living space, the TV, the food, etc. so I can be able to witness at first-hand the pettiness and friendly competition - but that’s just the basic!

Personally...since I just watch the Superbowl for the commercials and I am that annoying person that asks a bunch of questions during the game…

I want to make my Superbowl viewing party more interesting this year….

Let’s Intensify that Chiefs vs. 49ers Spirit 🔥🔥


Why not have a Custom Cookie Shot that matches your team’s jersey?

Why not get your kids involved and have them also rooting for your team?

Our Cookies Shots are fun for both the kids and the adults 😼

Instead of getting that beer belly, slouching over the keg-erator in front of the kiddos…

You can take cookie shots with Baileys or some creamy coffee liquor!

Never had cookie shots with beer, but if you wanna try it...why not!

Then the kiddos get a cute snack and can sip their Cookie Shots with our homemade vanilla or chocolate cream, almond milk, or regular milk!

It’s been a while since the Chiefs made an appearance at the Superbowl 

so are we cheering for the underdogs here?? 🤛🤜

Whether it’s before the game, during or after

… it’s always Shot O’Clock

...Cookie Shots that is 😈😇

Round up your team members

place your bets,

...and tune in at 6:30PM for the game!!

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