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How to Celebrate Your Bday during Quarantine

What can we do to make your special day even more special ❓❓How about taking some shots?! Cookie Shots❗❗We are partnering with other SoCal small businesses to deliver birthday gift sets directly. It’s like those Valentine’s Grams you would get in high school ...but better 😜😜 You don’t even need to leave your house!

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Galentines/ Self-Partnered Day Ideas

This is not a drill ❗❗ Valentine’s Day is approaching… Like our Custom Valentine’s Day Cookie Shots, you are unique and unconventional...You should celebrate VDay the same way - outside the box!Here are 3 ways to treat yo selves this February 14th and how our Valentine’s Day Cookie Shots can make it more special <3

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New Year's Resolution: Healthy Choices that Include Delicious Desserts

Only 46% of those who made New Year’s Resolutions were successful! The "New Year, New Me" craze will simmer down soon but The Dirty Cookie always makes a conscious effort to provide wholesome products that cater to everyone’s dietary needs and find ways to promote other businesses that make a positive impact.

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