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5 Minute Quarantine Recipes with our Cookie Shots!

The Dirty Cookie has beloved assorted flavors of Cookie Shots...But these Cookie Shots are special because they're so customizable! Here are recipes (vegan & non vegan) you can try at home that that go great as fillings with the Cookie Shots. They only take 5 minutes and can be made with just a blender!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Easy & Homemade

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Easy & Homemade To the women that remind us that money isn’t everything. Who always love us even if we have nothing And provide for us even when we have everything. Our mamas just know 💘 Mother’s Day is around the corner ...Do you remember the date? * I’ll give you a hint - it’s May 10th ❗

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Easter Cookie Shots to Start Your Spring 🌸

Whether you and your family celebrate Easter or not, Spring is coming up and the picnic baskets, flowers, and pastel colors are coming out ❗❗If you need some Easter Basket ideas, our Cookies Shots come Custom and you have various flavors & characters to choose from🌸

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