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Sweet + Cold, Banana Foster Recipe

Banana Foster   This weekend in sunny Los Angeles, it is hot and sweaty! So trust us when we say you are going to NEED and WANT this Banana Foster inside your Dirty Cookie Shot. Specifically when you're sitting in front of your ac waiting to cool down. It is a simple recipe that just requires some brown sugar, cinnamon, bananas, vanilla ice cream, and a little bit of butter.  Simply melt your butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar in a sauce pan. Once your Banana Foster sauce is all melted and shiny, add in the banana slices and mix. Lastly, top off your delicious vanilla ice cream with a heap full of the Foster sauce on top! BAMMM! A cold and delicious,...

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Fast + Easy Vegan Dole Whip

Vegan Dole Whip  The absolute cherry on top when it comes to the though of Summer, is the taste of Dole Whip. Not to mention, Disneyland's iconic Dole Whip stand! Although it is mid August, the summer days are still not completely over and gone. Or depending where you live, summer may or may not realistically stay around till mid early Fall.  What makes Dole Whip vegan, is simply the substitute use of almond milk and vegan vanilla extract. Most vanilla extracts are vegan, but there are a few out there that are not. So, maybe you're wondering, why is this recipe specifically vegan? No reason particularly, just simply because we do have our very own Vegan-Gluten Free Dirty Cookie...

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