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Back 2 School Dirty Cookie Apple Pops!

Red Apple Dirty Cookie Pops   We've all heard the saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Nobody said it had to be the fruit apple, they just simply said an apple. So why not a dirty cookie apple pop instead? A little bit of sugar hurts nobody, and it's the perfect sweet treat at the start of a new school year!  Like most dessert pops, their fillings are made of a sweet treat blended and molded together. Instead of using your stereotypical cake or brownie options, we decided to go with our very own Dirty Cookie Cookie Shot as our sweet treat instead. So all the ingredients you will need to make your back 2 school, Red Apple...

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A Delightful, Light + Airy Strawberry Brownie Cup Recipe

Strawberry Brownie Cup   Historically, August has always been the back to school month. Summer basically already over for our students, or they are over already. But that doesn't mean, nor is it stopping us, from wanting to keep this young and whimsical summer air afloat. The fruit that is most associated with the thought of summer is, strawberries! Not to mention, the beginning of summer is prime strawberry picking season.  So, we're excited to introduce you to this delicious and super simple Strawberry Brownie Cup recipe. It's the perfect way to wind down from a day of classes, or zoom calls, out in your backyard enjoying the last few breathes of the summer air. Ingredients: -Strawberries -Mini Brownie Bites -Whipped...

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