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Happy Hour With Our Oreo Rum Chata Pudding Shot Recipe

Oreo Rum Chata Pudding Shot   Let's be real, it's shot o clock somewhere in the world right now. So, grab your favorite Dirty Cookie Cookie Shot and follow this recipe to make your very own delicious Oreo Rum Chata Pudding Shot! Just a quick note though, this recipe does include alcohol. Please drink responsibly and be of age before trying this recipe. All you'll need for this recipe is milk, vanilla pudding mix, cool whip, rum chata, and chocolate (optional), and Oreos! Essentially you just mix all your ingredients together, except your Oreos and chocolate, pour, chill, and enjoy! It's super simple and an easy recipe to follow. You'll have tasty party favors in no time! Ingredients:  -1 box...

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Unique New Years Eve Party Ideas

We want to remember how we ended 2019 as we start this new adventure of 2020. ...So instead of going to a party and getting wasted, why not host one yourself 🎆What makes a great host is having a party that caters to everyone. Taking Cookie Shots is a fun way to celebrate...for the entire family!

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I have a confession to make… I’m one of those people who had “All I Want for Christmas” on repeat  ...Since June!! Now the season of giving is finally here 🎄🎄 Whether you decorate your house to the nines or you just have a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree sitting in the corner of your living room - GET HYPED!!

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