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5 Minute Quarantine Recipes with our Cookie Shots!

The Dirty Cookie has beloved assorted flavors of Cookie Shots...But these Cookie Shots are special because they're so customizable! Here are recipes (vegan & non vegan) you can try at home that that go great as fillings with the Cookie Shots. They only take 5 minutes and can be made with just a blender!

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How to Celebrate Your Bday during Quarantine

What can we do to make your special day even more special ❓❓How about taking some shots?! Cookie Shots❗❗We are partnering with other SoCal small businesses to deliver birthday gift sets directly. It’s like those Valentine’s Grams you would get in high school ...but better 😜😜 You don’t even need to leave your house!

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Dessert Ideas to Keep You & The Kids Entertained this #QuarantineSZN

We want to show our appreciation to those essential employees that keep our society afloat everyday. We are continuing to take food delivery and shipping orders, and with every order, we are donating masks❗And we are developing our Cookie Shot Baking Kit so y'all can be entertained this #QuarantineSZN

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