Sweetest Thanksgiving Small Gift Ideas

Post By: Nadia Ali

Dirty Cookie has rounded up our festive Thanksgiving small gift ideas. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so Dirty Cookie created a Thanksgiving gift guide with some sweet gifts that will please any host. Or celebrate your fave cookie lovers. 

While pumpkin pie is fun and traditional, it's time to jazz up your usual holiday dessert. These Thanksgiving cookie shots are a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving feast. They are an interactive dessert for all ages. Plus, these cookie shots are hassle-free and require minimal preparation - and NO baking. That is music to any Thanksgiving host’s ears!

Did we mention that our cookie shots can even double as Thanksgiving decorations too? 

The Traditional Thanksgiving Host Gift

Seasonal Pumpkin Cookie Shots

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It is hard to keep pumpkins away from a Thanksgiving feast. Our signature pumpkin cookie shots have all the festive flavor. These cookie shots are incredibly easy to prepare, keeping it simple for any Thanksgiving host. All these shots require are a few seconds in the microwave and your favorite after-dinner beverage. We love them with regular milk or even spiked eggnog, for the adults of course!

These pumpkin cookie shots are also the best choice for those with major dietary restrictions. They are available dairy-free, vegan, and gluten-free. 

Just a reminder: this is the only time you can snag these delicious pumpkin cookie shots. These shots are only available until the end of November! The great news is that all our cookie shots are super easy to freeze. That means you can have a taste of Thanksgiving all-year-round!

The Thanksgiving Gift Kids Will Love

Thanksgiving DIY Cookie Shots

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Let guests out their spin on Thanksgiving dessert. This DIY decorating kit adds more festive fun to Thanksgiving dinner. It is great for not just kids, but adults too. While you wait for the turkey to be ready, guests can get to decorating. This kit has all the delicious decorations you need. There are adorable edible decorations, sprinkles, and even chocolate chips for dipping. Once finished, everyone (even the kids!) can cheers to another Thanksgiving food coma.

The Most Decorative Thanksgiving Gift

Assorted Thanksgiving Cookie Shots

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This is the ultimate Thanksgiving host gift. Each cookie shot comes decorated with cheerful Thanksgiving decoration, with sprinkles galore. That means tons of cute Turkeys! With a variety of our signature flavors, there is a cookie shot for everyone to taste.

Who said decorations can’t be eaten?

These cookie shots also make for an excellent (and edible!) decoration. Thanksgiving hosts can stack them anyway and anywhere they please. Just don’t be surprised by how quickly they disappear!

Fall in Love with Our New Flavors 

Pumpkin Spice stuffed with Cheesecake and more coming soon. 

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