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5 Days Before the New Year - How Are You Celebrating??

5 Days Before the New Year - How Are You Celebrating??   Did you get your family presents each of them wanted this year? ...Or did you give them an avocado but because they love you, they just smile awkwardly back at you LOL   ANYWAYS NO WAY TO TURN BACK NOW, CHRISTMAS IS COMPLETE! ...NOW NEW YEARS IS IN 5 DAYS 😱 There are so many people I appreciate for helping me get to my goals for 2019 💝 There are so many weights on my shoulders I want to just drop without hesitation.  There are so many things I want to accomplish before going into the new year ❗❗  So here is how I’m going to spend the...

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Delicious Valentines Day Treats

Some say this day is arbitrary… but I think it’s the one day out of the year when you can be super cheesy with your significant other and not be judged 💓 Whether your other half is a sweet-tooth or not, these Valentine’s Day Cookie Shots help describe how he/she makes you feel and will put a smile on their face 😄

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Unique New Years Eve Party Ideas

We want to remember how we ended 2019 as we start this new adventure of 2020. ...So instead of going to a party and getting wasted, why not host one yourself 🎆What makes a great host is having a party that caters to everyone. Taking Cookie Shots is a fun way to celebrate...for the entire family!

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