4th of July Jello-O Cookie Shots

We didn't get our summer last year, so we already know everybody's going to want to have an extra fun summer! 

4th of July has always been a fun and special holiday here in the states. A day to relax, kick back, and celebrate the Declaration of Independence! All the beautiful fireworks, red, white, and blue, grilling, and so much more. So here's our fun and delicious Jello-O Cookie Shot recipe for your 4th of July party! 


-4th of July Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots 

-Red Jell-O Mix

-Blue Jell-O Mix

-Whipped Cream 

-4th July Sprinkles 



1. Open up your Red Jell-O Mix and follow the instructions on the back of the box. Then fill half of your Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots with your Red Jell-O Mix.

2. Refrigerate your half filled Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots for an hours and a half to two hours. The Jello shouldn't be fully solidify, but sturdy enough for the Blue Jell-O to not mix when poured on top.

3. Open up your Blue Jell-O Mix and follow the instructions on the back of the box. Then fill the rest of your Dirty Cookie Cookie shots with your Blue Jell-O Mix. 

4. Refrigerate your Jell-O Cookie Shots for another 2 hours till fully settled and solidified. 

5. Top it off with Whipped cream and some 4th of July themed sprinkles, and you're ready to serve! 


The best part of this recipe is that it's also kid friendly, so anybody and everybody can cheers to our great nation! Or, if of age, you can add some vodka for some extra fun!


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