A Not So Spooky Graveyard

Graveyard In A Cookie Shot


It's officially Spooky Season! Which means, bring out all the cobwebs, spiders, and pumpkins, because we're going ghost hunting! Where? In the graveyard of course! 

Although this year's Halloween night, may or may not look a little different due to COVID-19, but it doesn't mean that the party stops there! You just might need a mask and some distance, but the fun never ends. That is why we have the perfect Halloween kid friendly party dessert, snack, and activity for you and your kids! So grab your halloween costumes, dim the lights, and let's build our own graveyard in a cookie shot!


- Dirty Cookie Shots

- Chocolate Pudding 

- Oreos

- Gummy Worms 



1. Grab a your favorite Dirty Cookie flavor, and fill it 3/4 of the way with chocolate pudding. The chocolate pudding is your graveyard's underground soil. 

2. In a plastic bag, place all your Oreo cookie shells into for crumbling. You may discard any and all the filling, in-between your Oreo cookies, because you won't need it for this recipe. 

3. Seal up your plastic bag, and start crushing your Oreo cookies into tiny crumbs.  Your Oreo crumbs will be the rocking and hard soil ground you'll be walking on during your ghost hunt, so make sure you fill in all the way to the top of your Dirty Cookie Shot! 

4. Place your gummy worms around or coming out of your Dirty Cookie Shot. These will act as your earthworms crawling around, in and out, of your graveyard! 

5. Grab your friends, show your halloween costume off, and cheers! 


This is hands down the easiest and cutest Halloween dessert you could possibly do with your kids. Not to mention, it'll be a fun activity for them too! So hurry and purchase your Halloween Assortment, or Decorating Kits, before we sell out! We'll be baking them fresh and shipping them out the week of Halloween. 


The Dirty Cookie