A Frozen + Delicious, Banana Split Pie

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Frozen Banana Split Pie


Who doesn't love a good ole banana split? It's an absolute summer staple and a classic summer dessert. As for pie, it's an American classic too! So why not combine these two classics together, and all into one whole recipe?

This easy non bake recipe, will be the easiest pie recipe you have ever laid eyes on. Why? All you have to do is layer in all the ingredients/ toppings, and you're ready to enjoy! So debate no further, grab your Dirty Cookies and let's go!


-Dirty Cookie Cookie Shots

-Strawberry Ice Cream

-Pineapple Ice Cream Topping


-1/2 Lemon

-Whipped Cream 



1. Grab your tub of Strawberry Ice Cream, and leave it out at room temperature to defrost. In the meantime, grab a cutting board and start slicing your banana into thin slices. 

2. Place a single thin slice of a banana on the very bottom of your Dirty Cookie. You might have to use your finger to press it down to the bottom of your cookie shot. 

3. Roll your lemon, all while adding a little bit of force to it, and then cut it in half. Once you've cut your lemon in half, grab one half and give it a little squeeze above each cookie shot with a banana in it. The reason behind the lemon juice, is the citrus acid will allow the banana slices to maintain their color and texture overtime. 

4. Scoop some Pineapple Ice Cream topping on top of your banana slices. 

5. Grab your tub of defrosted Strawberry Ice Cream and fill the rest of your cookie shot up with the ice cream. 

6. Top the entire pie off with some whipped cream. Lastly, place your delicious pies into the freezer for at least 15 minutes. 

7. Bite and enjoy! Your non baked Frozen Banana Split Pie is ready to be served. 


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