If we introduced ourselves, we’d do it like this...

Give us chewy. Give us gooey.

Give us chocolate dripping down our chin.

Give us cookies filled with ice cream.

We’re Dirty Cookie.

We don’t do half-baked experiences and we don’t scrimp on butter, sugar or deliciousness. Our cookies are pure gorgeous indulgence and you can fill them with whatever your heart desires.

We’re your bestie with a marshmallow in the middle – or a strawberry, or a brownie, or a shot of Bailey’s. And don’t forget the whipped cream.

Why? Because life is for living, faces are for stuffing and cookies are for eating. Especially when they taste this good.

We say: in a world of clean salads, be a dirty cookie.


It's not about baking. I'm the furthest person from your typical Betty Crocker. In fact, in my past life, I was an aerospace project manager. Dirty Cookie was born from the desire to turn something small, into something meaningful. It was born from my personal aspiration to change lives.

When I was 10 years old on vacation in Egypt, I witnessed the devastation of hunger and homelessness firsthand. I was shocked that children my age were living on the streets, that they were deprived of basic food and shelter. I begged my father to give them money. He conceded, but not before engraving the single most important statement I would hear to date. "If you really want to help them, give them jobs, not money." It was monumental enough for me to decide to build a company. One that I vowed would be centered around the people I employ.

Our Values

Open and Honest

We believe everything is resolveable in communication with our clients.

Embrace the Journey

Challenges are inevitable, it's about how we embrace them and learn from them.

Customers First

We go above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy.

Pay it forward

We believe serving others is a way of life.

Take a shot, and give someone theirs.

The Dirty Cookie is committed to impacting the lives of 10 million kids through our Shot for Education program. We partner with education- focused nonprofits that provide tools, resources, and access to education to those in need. Our partners range from STEM to reading and have a focus on supporting underserved communities.

When you place an order, a portion of your purchase is donated directly to one of our partnered non-profit organizations to give one student a shot at higher learning. Your cookie shot purchase not only puts a smile on your face, but it's sure to put one on theirs.

Organizations we've supported