About Us

Our Founder's Story

It's not about baking. I'm the furthest person from your typical Betty Crocker. In fact, in my past life, I was an aerospace project manager. Dirty Cookie was born from the desire to turn something small, into something meaningful. It was born from my personal aspiration to change lives.

When I was 10 years old on vacation in Egypt, I witnessed the devastation of hunger and homelessness firsthand. I was shocked that children my age were living on the streets, that they were deprived of basic food and shelter. I begged my father to give them money. He conceded, but not before engraving the single most important statement I would hear to date. "If you really want to help them, give them jobs, not money." It was monumental enough for me to decide to build a company. One that I vowed would be centered around the cookie lovers I employ.