Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas

Saint Patrick’s Day Dessert Ideas

Does anyone even know the history of St. Patrick’s Day?

Who even is this Mr. Patrick?!

What are we supposed to celebrate?

Nevermind’s a holiday so let’s get festive!

Whether you use this day to play hookey off school 

Or you’re actually honoring Irish culture and family

Our St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Shots will definitely be decked out in enough Green 🍀

We know that green may not be a lot of peoples’ favorite shade to wear.

None of us may be Irish at The Dirty Cookie 

...But we are here to save you from getting pinched!

First things first, those St. Patrick’s Day parties will more than likely have alcohol involved. Why not add some oomph to your night at the Pubs and sip your drinks in our Cookie Shots?

You know the saying- have your cake and eat it too?

We say, have your St. Patrick’s Day food and drink too 😏💚

What about parties?

Everyone can get their own flavor with a logo of their liking. 

Best part is, you can take your shot and have something sweet to eat as your chaser!

If you own a restaurant, store, or any business at all and you need some help adding some green into your space...we’re here to help throw any party or corporate event! 

For example, we’ve brought our assortment of cookie shots to a nail salon for a little girl’s princess themed birthday party and it definitely added some magic to her day 🔆

We’ve also partnered with restaurants that don’t usually focus on desserts in their menu, but on certain holidays they’ll reach out to us to feature our Cookie shots for a season. We got them some St. Patrick's day treats and turned their ordinary restaurant into a St. Patrick’s Day Party!!

And if you want to make work more cheery that day, be the MVP of your office and get an assortment of St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Shots to share 😊


Now let’s think about the children here

...and what are they going to bring their classmates and teachers at school?!

Your kid isn’t lame..

You’re not lame…

So don’t make your kid bring lame snacks to a classroom party!

Our St. Patrick’s Day Desserts for kids are unique but also personal.

We have vegan options for those kids who have allergies and/or dietary restrictions

...because every child should be able celebrate an unofficial/official holiday 😂



No need for finding the end of a rainbow for a pot of gold…

We got your gold right here 🍪🍪🍪


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