Dirty Cookie takes pride in every treat we make. We design every product with your brand in mind. When you combine our delicious cookies, with your custom design, you get a lasting memorable brand experience.

What We Offer

We Move Fast

Expect a quick turnaround time with all our treats. Enjoy 2 day shipping, on all orders.

Unique Design

Delve into a world where creativity takes center stage!

Premium Ingredients

We use the best quality ingredients and have Vegan & Kosher options.

Made to Order

Every order we produce is baked fresh and shipped quickly once packaged.

Full Digital Everything

Get creative with digital decoration on all our products and packaging.

Low Minimums and No Setup Fees

We make it super easy to do business with us.

Our Famous Cookie Shots

Cookie Shots are cookies shaped as a shot glass, they're a dunk-free (but slam-dunk) twist on grandmas' classic recipe, where the usual splashy mess stays within the cookie. Our customizable Cookie Shots combine all of your favorite things into a dish-free, memorable, premium dessert experience. Our cookie shots are the perfect treat for your clients and team!

Our Stuffed Cookies

Dirty Cookie stuffed cookies are delicious, soft-baked, gourmet cookies filled with gooey centers of cookie butter, nutella, peanut butter, cheesecake & more.


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Meet Shahira, Founder of The Dirty Cookie

It's not about baking. I'm the furthest person from your typical Betty Crocker. In fact, in my past life, I was an aerospace project manager. The Dirty Cookie was born from the desire to turn something small into something meaningful. It was born from my personal aspiration to change lives.

I started Dirty Cookie with the intention of making a difference and providing more jobs in the world. In 2021, we launched a program called A Shot For Education where a percentage of our profits are donated directly to our nonprofit partners who are committed to providing young people with access to education.