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Roast Turkey - Check ✅
Turkey Stuffing - Check ✅
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy - Check ✅
Green Beans ✅ Dinner Rolls ✅ Cranberry Sauce ✅ Corn ✅ 
This the grocery list of items that make up the typical Thanksgiving dinner:
You’re supposed to save the best for last, which is the holiday dessert. 
...But the only dessert on the list is the pumpkin pie!
...And sometimes if you choose to bake it yourself, it can turn into a disaster 😱
Even Carrie Underwood created a pumpkin pie monster!
Thanksgiving is great and all…but my family dinners consist of awkward small talk and everyone trying to one-up each other. I love my family, but dang they are so hard to impress sometimes! If you’re struggling to come up with a special, memorable and easy dessert to impress your family and friends...the Pumpkin Spice Cookie Shot is sure to have them gushing and gobbling 🦃
Look At How Cute This Little Guy Is!
The Thanksgiving Pumpkin Spice Cookie Shot is a break away from the tradition! They would be an excellent gift idea for not only the kids, but the adults too. As soon as they open up those personal gift bags and get a whiff of that pumpkin spice ....You are the MVP of Thanksgiving 🏆🏆
Customize your Pumpkin Cookie Shot without Turkey Tom 
But why stop there? You can turn your Thanksgiving dinner into a holiday par-tayyyyy! The Dirty Cookie can cater to your holiday party and take care of those sweet tooth cravings with our customized, branded cookie shots paired with our made-from-scratch creams. Be the host...without the most work.

Cute Set-Up for Catering

Enjoy this season of giving & may the best son/daughter win this year’s Thanksgiving dinner :)

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